Winter tour 2019

Oscar prepares for an interstate tour with his new live looping and electronic-folk project ChibCha.

Chibcha is an almost extinct language from Colombia spoken by the indigenous Muisca. It’s also the producer alias name for Colombian born artist Oscar Jimenez (AMARU TRIBE, WATUSSI). 
Oscar creates new musical genres and uplifting beats with traditional and electronic soundscapes. Using mixing and live looping techniques with an interesting combination of instruments such as Andean Charango, Gaita corta (Colombian indigenous flute), Synths, Spanish guitar, drum machine and live percussion.

A celebration of his musical influences from his tropical homeland to sounds from all around the world such as Cumbia, Dub, Dance-Hall, Afro-beat and folk-tronica. Think of Manu Chao, Nicola Cruz, Bomba Estereo with an Colombian-australian feel.

Here are the tour dates:

Aug 29th @ Elwood Lounge – Live and Local Festival with Tekwami (ST KILDA, VIC)

Aug 31st @ Loop Bar (Melbourne) – as part of AFROEXPERIMENTS with OYOBI + Cumbia Massive DJs (MELB, VIC)

Sept 7th @ Pablo’s Cocktail Bar – Hobart

Sept 13th @ Tatlers with Reyes de la Onda + AIRE Folclor + DJ OXCAR

Sept 14th @ Bar Oussou