Music can make a change

The song Vuelve a Nacer was announce the runner up (2nd winner) of the World Citizen Artist Awards!world-citizen-artist-awards-pic
World Citizen Artists organised, along with Gua Africa and Safe Passage, a unique music & art competition on the theme of ‘Hope’.
Through this competition artist from all around the world helped sponsor 235 weeks worth of bus travel to university for Gua Africa students and 254 full days worth of work on the garbage dump for those whom safe passage is helping in Guatemala.
Watch the video below to see the winners and finalists announced by the wonderful singer Marta Gomez (Video Link)

This closes the year with a smile. There is no doubt that 2016 was a very productive year for Oscar. From new collaborations to new recordings and musical travels to South America. The result was about 5 albums produced and recorded for other artist such as Nhatty Man, Madre Monte, Miss Colombia, Funkalleros, Black Orchids String band and other single projects like the Senegambian Jazz Band, The Lalibelas and more.
In 2017 Oscar is about to release a lot of new original music he has been working on as solo artist and also with Amaru Tribe. A solo EP in collaboration with colombian band La Phonoclorica which Oscar had the chance to work with in mid 2016 and is now on the last stages of production. Plus Amaru Tribe first EP which will feature international artist such as Tonolec, Nhatty Man and more!!

To finish up we would like to announce that Oscar’s music is now available on all major online platforms like Spotify and iTunes.